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If you are considering a tile roofing project for your Philadelphia property, then you’ve come to the right place. We install, replace, and repair tile roofs in Philadelphia and surrounding areas for commercial and residential properties. Contact us today for your free estimate.


Concrete Tile Roofing Philadelphia

concrete tile roofing philadelphia

One of the most important things you should do for your concrete tile roof is to schedule regular maintenance. In addition to cleaning the tiles, you should also check the gutters and downspouts regularly. To prevent stains and debris from accumulating, place a wire mesh over the downspout openings and the entire gutter. Then, perform periodic inspections to check for leaks.

Roofing contractors should carefully fit the first course of tiles and examine them from the ground level. Subsequent courses of tiles are laid over the previous ones. The installation process can take up to 16 and a half man-hours for a 10″ x 10″ roof. Concrete tile roofing comes in several different varieties, depending on the size and style of the home. While the process may seem difficult, the results are worth it.

Clay Tile Roofing Philadelphia

clay tile roofing philadelphia

Clay tile roofing requires little maintenance once installed and fastened properly. Its durability and appearance far outlasts that of other types of roofing materials. If it becomes damaged, however, you can remove the broken tiles and repair them. Old clay tiles can be relaid with new corrosion-resistant nails. In severe cases, additional support may be necessary. In such cases, our professional roofing contractors should be called in.

Tile Roof Installation Philadelphia

tile roof installation philadelphia

There are many reasons for a tile roof installation. If you live in an area that experiences significant snowfall, you’ll want to have your roof installed in a way that won’t cause the snow to slide off of the roof. This requires larger battens and additional clipping and tying to secure the roof. A roof that receives snow is especially vulnerable and may need bracing or snow clips to keep them from sliding off.

There are many different types of roof tiles, and they all require different installation techniques. Some roofs require a single-ply roof membrane and solid l” wood sheathing for water-tightness. Many roof tiles are laid over horizontal strips of wood lath, and some are nailed onto the rafters. The method varies depending on the type of tile, roof shape, and weather conditions in the area. Raised fascia, cant strips, and double or triple layers of tiles may be necessary. Some tile roofs may even require special “bird-stop” tiles to prevent bird-like creatures from breaking into the roofing materials.

Tile Roof Replacement Philadelphia

tile roof replacement philadelphia

Roofing can be a challenge in the Philadelphia metropolitan area because of its varied climate. It experiences very cold winters and outrageously hot temperatures in the summer. Additionally, the homes here are often packed close together, with several attached to one another. For these reasons, you’ll want to focus on finding quality roofers. We are a great option, as we can perform routine inspections and provide roof repair and replacement services.

Before hiring a contractor, you’ll want to get the exact measurement of your roof. You’ll also want to consider how many square feet you’re replacing. A bigger roof will increase your total roofing cost because it takes longer to complete and requires more tear-off.

Tile Roof Repair Philadelphia

tile roof repair philadelphia

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not to replace your tile roof. These factors include cost, family comfort, and safety. These include the type of roof, the cost of repair, and how long it will take. To ensure the highest level of quality, call us today to conduct a thorough inspection.

We listen to your needs and provide a rough estimate and plan for the work. The roofing services we offer include flat roofing, rubber roofs, shingle roofs, metal roofs, gutters, and skylights. Whether you’re interested in replacing your old roof or installing new ones, we will provide quality work for a competitive price.

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