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If you’re thinking about installing a steel roof on your home, you might want to consider the benefits of this material. Philadelphia receives only 44 inches of rain and 20 inches of snow per year, which is significantly lower than the average U.S. city. On top of that, Philadelphia has 207 days of sunshine per year, compared to just 119 in most other major U.S. cities. July highs in Philadelphia average 88 degrees, while January lows average 26 degrees. Philadelphia’s weather is also temperate, with summer temperatures peaking at 88 degrees and lows of 26 degrees. As a result, steel roofing is highly desirable for many residential and commercial buildings.


Commercial Steel Roofing Philadelphia

commercial steel roofing philadelphia

Choosing a strong roof is vital for your commercial building. Whether your property has a sloped roof or a flat roof, a strong, dependable roofing system will keep your property safe from weather conditions. You will find that commercial roofing offers a well-defined structure and long life, especially if you choose galvanized steel. Our commercial roofing consultants can help you decide if a galvanized steel roof is right for your business.

Another benefit of steel roofing is that it reflects heat and sunlight, making it an excellent choice for places with a cool climate. It also helps to cut down on cooling bills, as metal roofs reflect the sun’s UV rays and retain heat during the winter. Because metal roofs require minimal maintenance, you’ll only have to inspect them twice a year. In addition, you won’t have to worry about constant replacement.

Residential Steel Roofing Philadelphia

residential steel roofing philadelphia

Our line of residential steel roofing products offers a variety of advantages over traditional asphalt shingles. This product is thermal-fused, boasts sound-deadening coating and an exclusive four-way interlocking system, and is available in a variety of contemporary colors and textures. The patented patterning feature provides an attractive, multi-toned appearance, while its tough, corrosion-resistant finish is aesthetically pleasing. Its warranty can even help you reduce your insurance costs.

The durability and resiliency of metal roofs have made them an excellent roofing material. These products are stronger and more resistant to weather, and they mimic the look and feel of premium roofing materials. Although they are more expensive than traditional asphalt shingles and flat roofs, they have many benefits. For example, metal roofs last a much longer time, which can make them an excellent investment.

Steel Roof Installation Philadelphia

steel roof installation philadelphia

If you’re in need of a new roof, metal roofing is a great choice. These durable and environmentally friendly roofs also have many benefits, including an increased property value. Corrugated metal roofing, for example, is very affordable. Prices will vary, depending on the thickness of metal, the paint finish, and the area where you live.

The climate in Philadelphia is extreme. The city gets about 44 inches of rain each year and only twenty inches of snow. That means Philadelphia gets approximately 210 days of sunshine a year. While the summer months are warm and humid, winters are chilly and wet, with January temperatures around 26 degrees. The comfort index is 44, which makes Philadelphia a great choice for those with older homes or buildings. Metal roofs are more durable than traditional roofing and can stand the test of time.

Steel Roof Replacement Philadelphia

steel roof replacement philadelphia

When you need a steel roof replacement, there are several things you should consider. Unlike other roofing materials, which often need frequent replacement, a metal roof will last for decades. If properly maintained, a metal roof can last 60 years or more. In fact, if you maintain it properly, you may never need to replace it again. Metal roofing is also incredibly durable, holding up well against the elements and even animals. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for homes and buildings in the Philadelphia area.

The advantages of a metal roof outweigh the disadvantages. These include excessive noise during storms, lack of breathability and poor performance. However, these issues can be addressed with proper installation. We know how to properly install metal roofs. We can accommodate the weather conditions in the area and can install corrugated, standing seam, and other metal roofing systems to protect your property. This way, you can enjoy the advantages of a metal roof for years to come.

Steel Roof Repair Philadelphia

steel roof repair philadelphia

For a professional steel roof repair, you should contact us. Our licensed and insured company offers a wide range of roofing services in and around the Philadelphia area. We can repair or replace metal roofs, slate, wood shake, and other types of roofing, as well as offer services for gutters, skylights, and downspouts. We have decades of experience in Philadelphia, and have also completed projects on restaurants, schools, and other small commercial buildings.

Metal roofs also last longer than asphalt shingles. We can install them at the same time, so you can rest assured that your building will remain in good shape for years to come.

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