Metal Roof Repair Philadelphia PA: Commercial, Residential, Etc.

Metal roofs can withstand the harsh temperature of Philly—they are durable enough to be weather-resistant. This kind of roofing system does not attract insects that may eat your roof. Also, metal is made of non-combustible material—no need to worry about it igniting a fire.

Metal is quite reliable, but there are rare times when a strong storm can damage your roof. But more often than not, damages stem from improper metal roof installation. Installation errors may lead to rust and corrosion, which eventually leads to leaking.


Common Metal Roof Installation Errors

Screwing fasteners too tight

Fasteners are any device or screw used to hold metal panels and flashing materials on your roof area. If fasteners are screwed on too tight, it may result in a wavy distortion on your roof called oil canning. It does not affect the structure of your property, but it does affect its overall appearance.

Using dissimilar materials

Metal roofs have different variants. There are galvalume roofs, sheet metal roofing, metal tile roofs, metal roof shingles, standing seam metal roofs, copper roofs, steel roofings, aluminum roofing, metal shake roofs, and many others. They should only be installed with compatible fasteners or flashing. Metal panels, when in contact with incompatible materials, can obtain stains or rust.

Applying incorrect sealants

Sealants are meant to keep out elements that may compromise your roof’s quality. The wrong choice of sealant and improper application may result in leaks.

These are only some common metal roof installation errors. You can avoid it by hiring the right contractor. Choosing the right metal roofing company will save you from costs and trouble in the future.

Commercial Metal Roof Repair

commercial metal roof repair philadelphia

Metal roofs are ideal for your commercial establishments as they are more long-lasting and durable than other roofing materials. It requires minimal maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about checking it every once in a while. Also, it is energy-efficient as it can reflect the sun’s UV rays, reducing the heat in your building.

However, the quality of metal roofs can be compromised if a contractor installs them incorrectly. Installation errors may result in corrosion and leaks, which leaves you with costly repairs. To avoid this, you should check the reliability and credibility of the metal roofing company you will hire. It is important to read the reviews and experiences of their past clients for reference.

If the damage is already done, we can fix your metal roofs. We guarantee to fix each panel as carefully as possible so your property won’t have to suffer from issues brought about by faulty installation.

Learn more about our commercial metal roof repair services!

Residential Metal Roof Repair

metal roof repair philadelphia

Choosing a metal roof over your and your family’s heads is a great choice. It is low-maintenance, but you should check it twice every year, particularly after a storm or strong wind. It will help you determine if there are minor issues that you can prevent.

However, you can usually blame installation for a faulty metal roofing system. It happens when you hire an unreliable contractor to do the job. Installation errors are the usual reasons why metal roofs fail to live out their capacity.

We guarantee to repair your damaged metal roof with our expertise. We do not commit any installation errors that may compromise the quality of your home.

Trust us to fix the errors your past contractors have committed!

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