Flat Roofing Philadelphia PA: TPO, EPDM, Commercial, Residential, Installation, Replacement, Repair, Etc.

If you’re looking for flat roofing services, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re very experienced in this type of roofing. Unlike pitched roofs, flat roofs are resistant to wind, which means that shingles and boards will not lose their integrity. Whether you’re considering installing a new flat roof or need to replace or repair an old one, you should call us today.


TPO Roofing Philadelphia

tpo roofing philadelphia

If you are looking for a reliable and durable roof covering, you should consider TPO flat roofing. This type of roofing system has many advantages over other roofing systems, including its long lifespan and low maintenance. This type of roofing can last for decades. However, you should consult with our professionals to determine which TPO roofing system is the best choice for your property.

TPO roofing is a good choice for many people who want to save on energy bills while also protecting their homes. Roofing systems made of TPO can last up to 25 years when installed properly. The lifespan of your new roof depends on a variety of factors. To be sure that your roof will last this long, it is best to choose a contractor like us that has extensive knowledge of TPO roofing.

EPDM Roofing Philadelphia

epdm roofing philadelphia

If you’re considering an EPDM roof for your home, consider several factors to ensure that you’ll get the best value. These benefits include the ability to customize your roofing system, and the versatility of EPDM membranes. Choose white or black membranes for the most energy-efficient roof. White membranes are more durable and reflect sunlight for cooler building interiors. They also feature the thickest top plies in the industry, and minimal shrinkage.

EPDM is a highly durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane made from ethylene propylene diene monomer, which is a hydrocarbon. It is inexpensive to produce. It can be installed fully adhered, mechanically attached, ballasted, or mechanically. EPDM is highly resistant to wind, extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and mechanical shock. It can last for decades, making it a desirable choice for any home or commercial roof.

Flat Roof Installation Philadelphia

flat roof installation philadelphia

There are many different types of flat roofs available for your home or business. Some have built-up roofing systems while others have single-ply membranes or synthetic rubber. Whatever type of roof you have, you can count on our professionals to get the job done right. We’ll help you maximize your roof’s life span with their superior installation techniques and quality materials. You’ll enjoy superior aesthetics and functionality with a flat roof installed by our experienced roofers.

If you’re thinking of installing a new roof, you might be wondering about the legal requirements for roofing. First, the International Building Code (IBC) requires that any flat roof must be properly installed. It’s possible to add a second layer of modified bitumen roofing on an existing flat roof. If you’re adding a new roof over a different material, however, you need to remove the first layer of that material first. If you’re working with wood or slate, it’s important to remove the first layer before adding a new roof. However, if the material is still intact, you can reuse it as a new roofing material.

Flat Roof Replacement Philadelphia

flat roof replacement philadelphia

When it comes to the roof of your home, it’s imperative to keep an eye on it. If you notice water pooling, for instance, it’s time to consider flat roof replacement. If you need emergency services, call us to schedule a consultation. We offer fast, quality service at affordable prices. Whether you need a new flat roof or a repair to an existing one, we’re here to help.

The amount you’ll spend on a flat roof will depend on the size of your roof, the type of roofing material, and the level of installation. Regardless of the size of your roof, a new flat roof should last for decades. If you’re concerned about the longevity of your current roofing system, it’s best to consult with our professionals about what type of flat roof will best suit your home.

Flat Roof Repair Philadelphia

flat roof repair philadelphia

When you need a professional roofer in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, look no further than us. We specialize in slate, tile, metal, and other high-performance flat roofing materials. We can perform routine inspections, roof repairs, and install new roofs. We can take care of chimney work and other exterior projects, as well. If you need a new roof for your home or business, contact us today to get a free quote.

When deciding on flat roofing, consider your budget, the size of the structure, and your personal preferences. After all, every roofing material requires maintenance and repairs. You may need to hire us if you suspect yours is in need of a complete replacement. You’ll be glad you found a company that can meet your needs and keep your roof in good condition.

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